Finnish Gingerbread Cookies “Piparkakut”

Finnish Gingerbread Cookies “Piparkakut”

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s definitely time to start baking Christmas Cookies! Christmas time in Finland isn’t complete without Finnish Gingerbread Cookies or “Piparkakut.”

These cookies are packed full of warm winter spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cloves.  They are also flavored and sweetened with dark syrup or “tumma siirappi.” This dark syrup will add authentic Scandinavian flavor to your gingerbread cookies. It is a sweet baking syrup made from sugar beets and can be found in specialty grocery stores and can also easily be purchased online. Dark syrup is also used in the Award-Winning Slice Cookies.  What are you waiting for, buy a bottle already!


The cookie dough is rolled out thin and cut into shapes. The most traditional shape is the simple round cookie with scalloped edges. Finnish Gingerbread Cookies can be enjoyed plain, or they can be elegantly decorated with a simple white icing. I just happen to have a cookie cutter in the shape of Finland, so I made a few of those as well!


My favorite new Christmas decoration is this adorable Gingerbread Elf or “Piparitonttu” handmade by Atelje Hanneter from the Taito Shop in Helsinki. I loved the decorations on this little guy so copied it for some of my cookies! Little Piparitonttu has been keeping a watchful eye on all my holiday baking this year.


For a full tutorial on how to make these iconic Finnish Gingerbread Cookies, watch my latest video collaboration with Finlandia butter. As you watch the video, note that this recipe makes a TON of cookie dough. I suggest baking half of it now and saving the other half for fresh baked cookies on Christmas Eve!

For the full recipe visit the Finlandia website:

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