Apple Crisp with Homemade Vanilla Custard

Apple Crisp with Homemade Vanilla Custard

This holiday season I am thrilled to partner with Finlandia Butter and Cheese to bring you some classic Finnish recipes using the incredible Finlandia products!

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Finlandia is especially close to my heart because the pure Finnish milk used to create the Finlandia butter imported to the United States actually comes directly from the Pitkäranta Homefarm!

Here’s how it works, Finlandia’s parent company back in Finland is called Valio.  The milk from the Homefarm is picked up every other day and sent to the Valio factory right there in Seinäjoki. Valio produces a huge range of dairy products with several plants across Finland. However, the plant in Seinäjoki is the one which produces the Unsalted and Perfectly Salted butters for export. That means, when you go to your local grocery store and pick up a block of Finlandia Imported Butter, it was made from milk from our family’s Homefarm.  How’s that for knowing where your food comes from!

Say “hei hei” to a few of the beautiful cows who helped create this legendary Finlandia Butter.


I love making this classic Apple Crisp in the fall when apples are in peak season. Back at the Homefarm, we can pick apples right off the trees in the yard, bring them inside and whip up an incredible dessert. Here in the U.S. I recommend purchasing McIntosh apples for this recipe. They are the closest variety to what is available in Finland. For a real Finnish twist, top off each serving with a drizzle of homemade vanilla custard!

For the complete recipe, head on over to the Finlandia website!  Apple Crisp with Vanilla Custard


  1. This looks fabulous! Perfect Thanksgiving dessert!

  2. Going to make this for our after-Thanksgiving dinner with friends on the weekend.

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