Oven Pancake with Lingonberry Jam

Oven Pancake with Lingonberry Jam

Here in the United States when someone says “pancake” we immediately think of a leisurely weekend breakfast treat.  In Finland, pancakes are often associated with dessert!  This Oven Pancake or “Pannukakku” is a Finnish favorite. It is often topped with lingonberry jam and served after a hearty bowl of split pea soup.  Whether you enjoy this for breakfast or dessert, I think this Finnish treat is sure to be a hit!


I remember enjoying this recipe growing up, but we always referred to it as “Kropsu.” I just presumed that was the Finnish word for this dish. This past summer I learned that this is actually the Ostrobothnian dialect word for “Pannukakku.” Finnish is such a tough language to begin with and now I need to start learning our regional dialect!  Oh my, this is going to be a challenge…Let’s go ahead and stick with Oven Pancake!

I think the decadent, buttery flavor in this dish tastes best with a dollop of lingonberry jam.  I have seen it served with strawberry, raspberry or even rhubarb jam, but there is just something so perfect about the sweet-tart flavor in the lingonberries to complement the rich pancake.

Of course, a buttery dish needs the best butter!  That’s why I always use Finlandia Butter in this recipe.  Take a look at our latest video collaboration and learn the tips and tricks to making the perfect oven pancake.

For the full recipe visit:  https://www.finlandiacheese.com/cheese-recipes/oven-pancake-lingonberry-jam/

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