Tosca Cake

Tosca Cake


Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää Suomi!  Happy Finnish Independence Day!

December 6th marks 99 years of Finnish independence. Right now televisions across Finland are tuned in to watch the President’s Independence Day Reception, a VIP event with over 2,000 guests.  High-ranking military officers, politicians, police officials and diplomats, as well as prominent athletes, entertainers and activists line up and shake hands with the President and his or her spouse as they enter the gala. However, for those watching at home, it is more about commenting on the fashion, the jewelry and the hairstyles.  It’s like watching the Oscars Red Carpet!

To celebrate, I wanted to share a classic Finnish recipe.  This Tosca Cake or Toscakakku is a favorite Finnish treat and is a decadent accompaniment to a cup of afternoon coffee, or the perfect snack for an Independence Day Reception viewing party! Tosca Cake is thought to be named for Puccini’s opera. It is a rich, buttery cake with a caramelized almond topping.

The key to this recipe is baking the base cake enough so it is set, yet not cooked all the way through. When you spoon the salted-almond topping over the base you want to make sure it sits on top of the cake and doesn’t sink to the bottom! For step by step instructions, take a look at my latest how-to video with Finlandia! I like to use the Finlandia Unsalted Butter in the cake base and their Perfectly Salted Butter in the topping.

For the full recipe, visit the Finlandia website:

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