World’s Best Gin and Tonic

World’s Best Gin and Tonic

Would you believe the gin used to make what has been declared the “World’s Best Gin and Tonic” is distilled just 30 minutes from the Homefarm?  The last time I was in Finland everyone kept asking me if I had tasted this now famous local spirit.  I couldn’t wait to pick up a bottle of Napue Gin and sample it for myself.

Napue is a product of the Kyrö Distillery Company in Isokyrö, Finland. After a blind-tasting by 250 experts of over 150 submissions at the International Wine and Spirit Competition, Napue was awarded the gold medal. The IWSC is the oldest and most prestigious competition in the industry, and this award is considered among the highest recognitions in wine and spirits worldwide.

Napue is noted for its smooth and sophisticated taste with the gin’s key components having their roots in the very heart of Finnish nature.


Gin is traditionally distilled from grain and juniper berries. On our last trip to Finland we ventured out into the forest to see the first buds and blossoms of spring.  We came upon a juniper tree and noticed a few berries had begun to form. With beautiful ingredients like this right in their backyard, no wonder the team behind the Kyrö Distillery decided to produce gin.

Besides juniper berries, a total of 16 herbs are used to create the uniquely Nordic flavor profile of Napue Gin. Cranberries, sea-buckthorn, meadowsweet, spruce wood and birch leaves are also used, imparting the scents and flavors of a misty Finnish meadow.

As of right now, I believe Napue is only available through the Alko shops in Finland or at duty-free in the Helsinki airport.  Since winning the title of the world’s best gin and tonic, production has been amped up to accommodate the interest worldwide. If you aren’t traveling to Finland any time soon, you can keep in touch with them through social media. Hopefully we will all be about to enjoy this high-quality cocktail very soon!

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