Scandinavian Candy

Scandinavian Candy

Did you know Scandinavians are the largest consumers of candy in the world? Once you taste the incredible and unique flavors of Scandinavian candy, you will soon know why this is one of the sweetest spots in Scandinavian culture.

For years I would have to stock up on some of my favorite treats before returning to the United States. That is, until I discovered Sockerbit! This adorable Swedish candy store located in the West Village neighborhood of New York City offers many of my Finnish favorites.  (There is also a location in Los Angeles and they ship nationwide!)


To your right as you walk in the front door is bin after bin of chocolates, fruit-flavored gummies, licorice and more.  Simply grab a box or a bag and fill with your favorites! Sockerbit charges by the pound so you can feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content.


To the left is a small grocery section with a few staples for Scandinavian cooking. This is where I stock up on cloudberry jam, dark syrup, and pearl sugar. Some of these items can’t be found in any local stores, so this is a great resource for preparing classic Scandinavian recipes.


Toward the back there is a children’s and home goods section. Everything is so bright and colorful, I have to resist buying out the store every time I visit!


A few Finnish favorites always make it into my goodie bag.  I always head first to the classic, Karl Fazer chocolate. These individually wrapped bites of milk chocolate are nothing short of heaven.


Marianne hard candies are also made by the Fazer company. The red wrapped ones are a hard mint candy on the outside with a soft chocolate center. The blue ones are similar, but filled with caramel.


Probably the most iconic flavor when it comes to Finnish candy is “salmiakki” or salty licorice. If you like licorice, chances are you will love salmiakki. But beware, it is nothing short of addictive.


With a shop so bright, colorful and sweet, it’s hard not to walk out the door with a smile on your face.



  1. Karl Fazer is the best! My favorite flavor in the bars is the Salted Popcorn.

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